Friday, 8 June 2012


1x10=10            1x100=100       
2x10=20            2x100=200
3x10=30            3x100=300
4x10=40            4x100=400
5x10=50            5x100=500
6x10=60            6x100=600
7x10=70            7x100=700
8x10=80            8x100=800
9x10=90            9x100=900
10x10=100               10x100=1,000
1x2=2            1x20=20   
2x2=4            2x20=40
3x2=6            3x20=60
4x2=8            4x20=80
5x2=10            5x20=100
6x2=12            6x20=120
7x2=14            7x20=140
8x2=16            8x20=160
9x2=18            9x20=180
10x2=20           10x20=200

0x4=0            0x40=0
1x4=4             1x40=40
2x4=8              2x40-80
3x4=12           3x40=120
4x4=16          4x40=160
5x4=20        5x40=200
6x4=24       6x40=240
7x4=28        7x40=280
8x4=32        8x40=320
9x4=36        9x40=360
10x4=40       10x40=400

soil report


We have been learning about soil. Here is my report.

What is Soil?

Soil is the top layer of our  Earth. Plants need soil because they need the soil’s nutrients to grow. If there was no soil nothing would grow for people to eat.
There are three types of soil: sand, loam and clay. Sand is not a  very good soil because it’s really really soft. This is bad because it can’t hold up plants or trees.
Loam soil is the best soil because it holds the right amount  of water and air .
Clay soil is a soil that has not much air in it. Soil has metal in it that can be made into earrings and all other metal things.

Why is soil important?

Soil is important  because if people cut down the trees they are killing native fish and our native plants that live in the lake or rivers.
So it goes like - this people cut down trees then they just leave  them there and when the rain comes, it washes the soil down into the  rivers and lakes and that kill our native   
fish and plants. It’s not fair that animals died  because nobody can put it back together  and fix it and now they are endangered.

Is soil a habitat for many animals?

Soil is a habitat for many animals that live underground and animals that are invertebrates often live underground like beetles, ants and spiders.

By Kyana-Lee

Kyana's mihi

My Mountain is Mt Wellington
My River is Tamaki river
My Father is Darren
My Mother is Crystal
My Country is NZ
My Home is 44 Epping Street Glen  Innes Auckland
My name is Kyana-lee

Ko Mt Wellington Toku Maunga
Ko tamaki river  toku  Awa
Ko Darren toku Papa
Ko Crystal toku Mama
Ko New Zealand toku Whenua
Ko 44 Epping Street Glen Innes Auckland toku kainga
Ko Kyana-lee toku ingoa