Friday, 23 November 2012

The Thanksgiving in USA

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving  day when over 46 million turkeys will take centre stage at dinner tables all over the USA. Missing from this impressive count will be two lucky birds - Cobbler and his even luckier spare Gobbler who were today pardoned by none other than President Obama Instead they will happily cackle  away their lives on George Washington Mt. Vernon Estate in 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Math Whizz games

This is a right angle gobbler that eats all shapes that can fit inside the right angle gobbler.So this is what you do you take a shape then you try and stick  the shape you have token and if it doesn't go in preficly then you click the awser no.Then you get another shape and you have to take ten shape and pick the right awser YES or NO !!!!!.

Barack Obama

On November the 6th  2012 Barack Obama won again and his being Presented of USA for four years again.
126 million  Americans voted for him  millions of them were in the hall voting for Barack Obama for Presented  of USA.
His wife was really proud of her husband  and she  wishes him luck on his speach.
 And ever wished Barack Obama luck on his speach too.