Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MY stardome trip

On Thursday the 9th of May only two seniors classes went to stardome as a part of our learning. On the bus everyone was singing songs and I said to Nunia and Apii ,”we should sing a song because we are like the only people not singing. “ So then we started to sing with everyone else. It was a cool ride on the way to stardome and when we got there it started to rain. That was the worst part of the day because everyone got wet. Then we went into this room where the seats were like beds. Then there was this big screen up . Before we could watch about astronauts we had to know the the rules in the auditorium first. We weren't allowed chewing gum and we weren't allowed cameras and if we needed to go to the toilet we had to go with a adult . One last rule was that if you feel sick while watching the video look away from the screen for a couple of minutes. I got sick and started to look away. I felt really dizzy really really dizzy. The video was really interesting and it was a great video about astronauts .This is a link about star dome trip hope you enjoy this link Mr Chris has just come down from space on Thursday afternoon. He was the one who had the guitar and was singing in space. Then he started to cry and his tears started to float around.This is the link if you are keen to watch

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Holiday Recount

On the holidays i went up north to do our DIY for our marea we were so happy that our marea was getting done up its be so long that our a marea was done up then we had to stay at one of the oldies house near the marea it had the most beautiful est view of the beach it was amazing and they had to pull a string just to turn on the light it was so old but we liked it it was nice to live in for a while it was amazing we went fishing at the beach we went swimming at the beach it was a amazing time then the next day we went down to the marea to help everyone else with the marea the marea was coming together really well everyone was very happy that the builders Rebuilt our marea it looked amazing then for our baths and showers we had to go the coca cola lake to get clean and when we get out we feel so fresh it was one of the best holiday that i had ever had the best parts were when we all went to the top of new Zealand called capriagna and the to the sand dune when we got a boggy board for free to ride down the big hills and have lots of fun and that was my holiday The End