Friday, 6 December 2013

Duffy Theater Show

Last Tuesday at Glenbrae school hall we had a duffy theater. They were talking about how  important it is to  read because you would learn so much just from one story .

First they  started on a really funny way of telling the story. The funnest part was when they were trying to find each other but it was really hard for them .

Then they both found each other. They were brothers,the youngest one was Scruffy, Afi was the middle child and Duffy was the oldest. Duffy always wrote stories for his younger Brother Scruffy.

Straight after breakfast duffy started to read a story to Scruffy.  The story was about when Duffy lost his words .

He started off with, Duffy was sleeping then he had this terrible dream that there was this man named vore charthe who never won a single words contest  so he went to earth to steal humans words, but before he could do that he had to beat these people in a most words you know contest.

He lost to a beautiful woman and another woman named rude  and it goes to show that he is really bad at the most words you know contest.

Then the bad vore chart tricked him and took Duffys amazing words and Duffy only thought that it was a bad dream but that dream actually happened.


    On Monday 11th November
When the bell rang for  class time Mrs Raj took  us (Room 7) out side to line up in our ages , Room seven  lined up in year six and seven lines , I was in the year six line the first athletics that the year six went to was 100 meter sprint , I was in the first line of people with two girls and one boy their names were James F, Keti
Manuae and me Kyana,I came third out of us four (Mrs Tofa was the person that was doing 100 meter sprint) Mrs Tofa said that the people that came first had to race so that the person that comes first out of the people that come first from the rows , Bono came first Siotame came second and Voni came third and Baden came last...

The bell rang that means that we change over to the next athletics and the next that the year sixes went to was to Mrs Silva , Mrs Silva was doing relays ,Mrs Silva picked which team should be which but when Mrs Silva picked the teams I said ‘“ that's not fair they have all the fast people so Mrs Silva picked me to be a team leader and Manuae to be the other team leader , so  Mrs Silva told me to pick one person at a time and I picked James fine polo , Bono , Voni , Fine , Wairua , Mangila , Baden and me and Manuae had everyone else , Manuae was going to run first but I didn't want to vs her so I put Bono in the front then Manuae put Brandon in the front but my team alway won all thanks to Bono and everyone else  my team won

Friday, 29 November 2013

Puia Hangi

Term 4 - Week 7
Blue  Group
Resource: Puia Hangi by Henarata Ham SJ 2001 P3 N3
WALT - gather information from the text
Level 1
Who is Henarata Ham?
Henarata Ham  is the writer
Where is the school located?
In Tokaan and the schools name is hirangio
What geothermal activity happens in the area?
There are hot water pools and bubbling mud v pools
What is the name of the school?
At the southern end of the lake Taupo
How many vegetables did they have to have in their food?
At least three
Whose dad shot the pig?
What is puia?
Puia is  a different  type of hangi because a normally hangi has alot of veggies and a puia hangi  has at least three veggies
What did they do to pass time when the hangi was being cooked?
They went for a swim
Who else uses the puia at Tokaanu to cook their food?
The Adults
How many steam puddings can you cook at once?
You can cook  At big tins of pudding at once
What is the modern puia?
Its a hangi
Who took the photographs for the story?
Diana Nooana was the photographer
How long does it take to cook the kai?
It takes one and a half to three hours for the kai to cook
Level 2
Is Hirangi school far from Tokaanu? Explain your answer.
No its just  one kilometer  from hirangi school
How old are the students in Room 8? Explain your answer
I think that they would be say 10 or 11 telling from the picture that was taken
What did the students put in their hangi? Explain your answer.
Potato , kumara , pumpkin , meat  they were only allowed to put a little amount of
What are the parcels in the story? Explain your answer
Well I think that the parcels in the  story , are parts of the text by really important text
How did they prepare the food for the hangi? Explain your answer.
They prepared it inside on the table
How did they cook the hangi? Explain your answer.
they cooked it inside the steam box
Why do you have to be careful when you open the steam box?
because it's too hot and alot of steam will come out of the steam box and the steam would be really hot
Why don’t they have to worry about the kai burning?
they don’t because is stops when its ready
Why are they using Te Reo Maori terms in the text?
because this is a traditional way for maori to cook a hangi
Why is the puia cooler when it has been raining? Explain your answer.
because the rain is cold and the steam box is hot and when it rains it makes the steam box colder
Level 3
Is hangi cooking a good way to cook food? Explain your answer
Yes Because you can feed a whole fest
What other types of ways are there to cook food? Explain your answer
In the ground , on a stow , in a oven , on a fire
Why do you think its important to cook healthy food? Explain your answer
So that you don’t get sick or fat
What happens when we do not eat healthy food? Explain your answer
We get sick and might get diabetes
In your culture is there a special way of cooking food for celebrations? Explain your answer
We cook our food inside the ground with hot rocks on top of the hangi .
If your class was to have a hangi, write down the healthy food you will put in your food parcel.
Veggies carrots , potato ,
Write a step by step guide (Procedural writing) on how to prepare and cook a hangi. Share this on your blog.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Slow Down

The story is called slow down and these are a couple of questions that ask why and how it affects their family's or them. The first question means why is it important that they make posters to stop all the hurting and die ing and my answer is the next sentence. The last question mean that if they change the why drivers dive because the hurting mostly happens before and after school.

Why is it important to do what they are doing?

So that they don't die or get hurt that is why it is important to do what they are doing. 

Do you think the children change the way drivers drive?

Because they won't see that going to fast would hurt a child and someone older

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Persuasive Writing


This topic  is about children working from the age of eight for their own money.

I agree that a child  should work at the age of 8 and over the age of 8
because after going to school they they can use their free time to work for some money.

I also agree that they should work to help their parents out by helping to pay the bills and help pay for food clothes and shoes too. That will help their parents with their money problems so they can have more family to spend on fun activities.

I strongly agree that children should work for their own money from the age of eight because it will help their families.

By Kyana

Room 7

Friday, 12 July 2013


There was a young person of Ayr
whose head was remarkably
square on the top in fine weather
she wore a gold feather
which dazzled the people of Ayr

Little Jack Horner sat in a corner
watching his chips mount high
he sat a while grinning
then said   Ha! I'm winning,
what a wizard at poker am

There's a train at 404 said Miss Jenny
Four tickets I'll take. Have you any?
Said the man at the door
Not four for 404

For four for 404 are too many four’s

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My metals and trophies

In 2013 i got a gold metal for  baseball and i got and trophy and a metal for netball  it inspired me how it is to get awards for playing sports  this is my metal for baseball1

In 2013 i got a gold metal for  baseball and i got and trophy and a metal for netball  it inspired me how it is to get awards for playing sports  this is my metal for baseball and here is my netball  trophy and metal's 

Pio Terei visit

On Wednesday  the ten of July 2013 me and my brother went to son sk8 at 06:00 and went we got there we saw Pio Terei and he was kind enough to the talk to the parents about how it is to be a parent then me and my brother went into the kids playing room and played with some other kids then we got bored and went into the sk8 park and was sliding down the the high ramps then we went back to the room  were all the  parents were and then Pio Terei said "ok now it is time for the $250  voucher for shopping at countdown " then i was praying that we could get one of those then the last name to get called out was Darren Rupapera and that was my fathers name we all were so happy  then we went home to have

Monday, 24 June 2013

My hollwen story

One Halloween my friends and I were going trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood. Down the street from us was an old deserted house that everyone thought was haunted. My mother said, "Don't you dare go near that house!" Naturally, her warning made us even more curious. We went to the house and rang the bell. There was no answer. We tried the door. It was unlocked, so we entered the house. The door slammed shut behind us and....... Then the darkness crowded around us. Then sounds that were never heard before got louder and closer. Eyes appeared from dark corners. Shadows closed in on us. Terrible noises came from dark scary places. My friends and I followed a voice to a door at the end of the haunted houses hallway. Then we all stopped with fright from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes. Our teeth shook making chattering sounds. We all felt unsafe. But what we hadn't read was the sign outside that said “Beware! enter if you dare!
if you  enter you must  take the risk of your life to get out”

Friday, 14 June 2013


Long ago there lived a girl name Cinderella Cinderella was kind smart  and beautiful.
When Cinderella had a happy life  Then one day Cinderella’s mother pass away  soon after Cinderella’s father married  another woman how had two daughters of her own.
Cinderella's stepmother and stepsister were never were kind to her.
The stepmother gave her daughters lollies and dollies fancy dresses and wonderful toys and she gave Cinderella nothing
Sadly Cinderella’s father passed away too and  Cinderella was left  in the large house with her stepmother  with lollie and dollie.
Cinderella’ life was awful the stepmother made cinderella  a servant in her own home
Cinderella had to rise early every morning and spend each day making meals scrubbing the floor doing the dishes and taking orders from lollie and dollie
Cinderella’s stepmother even made her sleep on the kitchen floor next to the fireplace which was filled of dust and  cinder thats why  she was called Cinderella.
Cinderella’s clothes were tatty and her face was smudged  with cinder but Cinderella had a  cheerful heart lollie and dollie tested her all the time
our clothes look like dirty diapers lollie would shriek
Your face look’s like a bucket of  mud dollie would say
Then they would pop Chocolates into your mouth and watches as Cinderella scrubs the floor Lottie and dottie were as ugly as in the inside as well and the outside One day  a page from the castle arrived  at the house with an  invitation  the page from the castle said that  the prince will be holding  a grand Ball in three nights he is hoping to find a bride ever young woman in the kingdom shall come and meet the prince
Lottie and dottie were very excited to meet the prince
I’m going to marry the prince said dottie why would a prince marry you said Lottie you look like a rotten potato  Lottie and dottie were just about to get into a fight when Cinderella asked can i go to the ball Lottie and dottie looked at her and began to laugh they laughed harder and harder and harder they laughed so hard that they fell onto the ground and rolled you can meet the prince as she laughed your clothes look like dirty diapers and your face said dottie gasping as she giggled it looks like a bucket of mud  Girls said the stepmother of course Cinderella may go to the ball if she finishes all her jobs all day Cinderella had to scrub and tidy  she had no time to make a dress the next day  Cinderella’s stepmother gave her a even longer list but cinderella didn’t do it at went to the ball