Thursday, 10 April 2014

My day Yesterday

Yesterday I was thinking to myself today I'm going to b the best student to Mr Nath but when I walked into the classroom I saw Mr Nath wasn't there he was sick so I hear . Then i saw Mr Chiem  and he was in the the army in Delta 1 and as soon as he left the  army 6 moths later Delta 1 left to go to battle to protect New Zealand but Mr Chiem couldn't go because he had left the army Delta 1 and Mr Chiem was really upset.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Breakfast with the Blues Rugby Team, Kyana Lee

On Monday in the morning, my brother ,Dasharn, and I  woke up at 5:00am in the morning to have breakfast with the Blues Rugby Team. We did a karagna for them and then  we  did a Haka. At about around 7:00am, we went into the Wharekai and  in the Wharekia there was English breakfast. I sat next to Piri Weepu ,Ma'a nonu , Benji Marshall , Keven Mealamu. My little brother Dasharn , my step brother  and my young uncle Maza all sat with us.

Here is the link for the Blues Rugby Team. If you would like know more about the Blues Rugby Team, then click on the link


 Today I went onto sunshine online and read a story called goldilocks and i was about when goldilocks was taking a walk through the forest when she found a cottage and the door was wide open and so she walked inside and found three porridge  blows and she one big one one medium and one small goldilocks tried the big blow but it was to hot so she tried the medium blow but it was to cold then she tired the small blow and it was just right then she felt tired so then she sat one the big chair but was to hard then she sat one the medium one but it was to soft then she sat on the small one and it was just right but then i broke then she felt tired so the she went up into the bed room's and then she saw the bed's she layed on the big bed but it was to hard the she layed on the medium bed but it was to soft then she layed on the small bed and it was just right and it was so comfortable that she fell asleep and then went three bears came home they were asking themselves "who's been eating my porridge who's been sitting in my chair " and poor baby bear said "all my porridge is gone and my chair is broken and then they all went upstairs and the saw that Goldilocks was still in baby bear bed and then goldilocks woke up and saw three bears and screamed and ran and didn't stop until she got home.