Friday, 6 December 2013

Duffy Theater Show

Last Tuesday at Glenbrae school hall we had a duffy theater. They were talking about how  important it is to  read because you would learn so much just from one story .

First they  started on a really funny way of telling the story. The funnest part was when they were trying to find each other but it was really hard for them .

Then they both found each other. They were brothers,the youngest one was Scruffy, Afi was the middle child and Duffy was the oldest. Duffy always wrote stories for his younger Brother Scruffy.

Straight after breakfast duffy started to read a story to Scruffy.  The story was about when Duffy lost his words .

He started off with, Duffy was sleeping then he had this terrible dream that there was this man named vore charthe who never won a single words contest  so he went to earth to steal humans words, but before he could do that he had to beat these people in a most words you know contest.

He lost to a beautiful woman and another woman named rude  and it goes to show that he is really bad at the most words you know contest.

Then the bad vore chart tricked him and took Duffys amazing words and Duffy only thought that it was a bad dream but that dream actually happened.


    On Monday 11th November
When the bell rang for  class time Mrs Raj took  us (Room 7) out side to line up in our ages , Room seven  lined up in year six and seven lines , I was in the year six line the first athletics that the year six went to was 100 meter sprint , I was in the first line of people with two girls and one boy their names were James F, Keti
Manuae and me Kyana,I came third out of us four (Mrs Tofa was the person that was doing 100 meter sprint) Mrs Tofa said that the people that came first had to race so that the person that comes first out of the people that come first from the rows , Bono came first Siotame came second and Voni came third and Baden came last...

The bell rang that means that we change over to the next athletics and the next that the year sixes went to was to Mrs Silva , Mrs Silva was doing relays ,Mrs Silva picked which team should be which but when Mrs Silva picked the teams I said ‘“ that's not fair they have all the fast people so Mrs Silva picked me to be a team leader and Manuae to be the other team leader , so  Mrs Silva told me to pick one person at a time and I picked James fine polo , Bono , Voni , Fine , Wairua , Mangila , Baden and me and Manuae had everyone else , Manuae was going to run first but I didn't want to vs her so I put Bono in the front then Manuae put Brandon in the front but my team alway won all thanks to Bono and everyone else  my team won