Thursday, 15 May 2014

Survival In The Wild

Our teacher Mr Nath had told us to make a presentation so that we could learn more about survival in the wild and we learnt alot thank to our teacher Mr Nath we know what to do if you would like to know how to survive in the wildly wood just watch the presentation that me and my two friends did thank you

Friday, 9 May 2014

How Waves are made

  1. Waves are mainly blown from the wind.
  2. The best waves for surfing are the interaction of winds on the surface of the ocean.
  3. Local shore winds can also produce waves but they can also destroy and break down waves.
  4. Wind is the first step in the formations of surf able waves.
  5. In deep water, low pressure wind speed is good and more waves are generated by the power.

This words  that is colored in purple  is a link to take you from where i got my information about waves from that's if you would like to learn more about how waves are created , the words that are colored in blue are the facts that i got form the site and this picture is to show a little on how waves may have be created   

How is a wave formed: wind is the source of the surf 
 A link to where we got our infromtaion