Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Math program

To play this games you have to wait until the hamster gives you  a question the you have to answer the question by using addition or subration and there will be four numbers and what you do is use  addition or subration then after you think that you have the right answer you click on to the one of the numbers but if it's another number that is not one of those four number then the answer that you through it was that would be wrong.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Mrs Boyers Farewell day

On Tuesday the 11th of December Glenbrae school  had a special assembly  for Mrs Boyer. It was Mrs Boyer's  Farewell assembly and most people from the seniors had items that they would love to show Mrs Boyer that they care her.

And what the seniors did was some dancing and and singing and the juniors just did some singing. Mrs boyer was amazed at how long we had worked as a team to create these items.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

The netbook is helpful because it saves trees.
The netbook helps my teacher to check my work faster and easier.
The netbook helps me to share and  show the whole world how much I have learnt

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Thanksgiving in USA

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving  day when over 46 million turkeys will take centre stage at dinner tables all over the USA. Missing from this impressive count will be two lucky birds - Cobbler and his even luckier spare Gobbler who were today pardoned by none other than President Obama Instead they will happily cackle  away their lives on George Washington Mt. Vernon Estate in 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Math Whizz games

This is a right angle gobbler that eats all shapes that can fit inside the right angle gobbler.So this is what you do you take a shape then you try and stick  the shape you have token and if it doesn't go in preficly then you click the awser no.Then you get another shape and you have to take ten shape and pick the right awser YES or NO !!!!!.

Barack Obama

On November the 6th  2012 Barack Obama won again and his being Presented of USA for four years again.
126 million  Americans voted for him  millions of them were in the hall voting for Barack Obama for Presented  of USA.
His wife was really proud of her husband  and she  wishes him luck on his speach.
 And ever wished Barack Obama luck on his speach too.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Dog Mat trying to eat cabbage on the table

A light brown and white dog in a rich flash house with a dark brown table  was inside the house.
As Matt, the light brown and  white dog, jumps like a person on a trampoline jumping really high trying to reach up into the sky but really it's a light brown and white dog jumping up to the dark brown table trying to get to a light green  cabbage because the light brown and white  dog Mat was hungry.  Finally, the dog got the cabbage and ripped it off the table. Some of the cabbage fell onto the dog Mat's head and  he really looked like Alf.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

how to share

I know that this is half  because I counted the boxes and there are 24 boxes and half of 24=12.
So there are 12 wihte and 12 orange boxes.
So like I have a friend over and my mum said to buy some lollies and I buy one pack and there are 24 lollies inside and i have to share them equally. i give my friend 12 loiles that are orange and i get the white. So that is half each.

Friday, 8 June 2012


1x10=10            1x100=100       
2x10=20            2x100=200
3x10=30            3x100=300
4x10=40            4x100=400
5x10=50            5x100=500
6x10=60            6x100=600
7x10=70            7x100=700
8x10=80            8x100=800
9x10=90            9x100=900
10x10=100               10x100=1,000
1x2=2            1x20=20   
2x2=4            2x20=40
3x2=6            3x20=60
4x2=8            4x20=80
5x2=10            5x20=100
6x2=12            6x20=120
7x2=14            7x20=140
8x2=16            8x20=160
9x2=18            9x20=180
10x2=20           10x20=200

0x4=0            0x40=0
1x4=4             1x40=40
2x4=8              2x40-80
3x4=12           3x40=120
4x4=16          4x40=160
5x4=20        5x40=200
6x4=24       6x40=240
7x4=28        7x40=280
8x4=32        8x40=320
9x4=36        9x40=360
10x4=40       10x40=400

soil report


We have been learning about soil. Here is my report.

What is Soil?

Soil is the top layer of our  Earth. Plants need soil because they need the soil’s nutrients to grow. If there was no soil nothing would grow for people to eat.
There are three types of soil: sand, loam and clay. Sand is not a  very good soil because it’s really really soft. This is bad because it can’t hold up plants or trees.
Loam soil is the best soil because it holds the right amount  of water and air .
Clay soil is a soil that has not much air in it. Soil has metal in it that can be made into earrings and all other metal things.

Why is soil important?

Soil is important  because if people cut down the trees they are killing native fish and our native plants that live in the lake or rivers.
So it goes like - this people cut down trees then they just leave  them there and when the rain comes, it washes the soil down into the  rivers and lakes and that kill our native   
fish and plants. It’s not fair that animals died  because nobody can put it back together  and fix it and now they are endangered.

Is soil a habitat for many animals?

Soil is a habitat for many animals that live underground and animals that are invertebrates often live underground like beetles, ants and spiders.

By Kyana-Lee

Kyana's mihi

My Mountain is Mt Wellington
My River is Tamaki river
My Father is Darren
My Mother is Crystal
My Country is NZ
My Home is 44 Epping Street Glen  Innes Auckland
My name is Kyana-lee

Ko Mt Wellington Toku Maunga
Ko tamaki river  toku  Awa
Ko Darren toku Papa
Ko Crystal toku Mama
Ko New Zealand toku Whenua
Ko 44 Epping Street Glen Innes Auckland toku kainga
Ko Kyana-lee toku ingoa

Monday, 19 March 2012


I just love swimming. Don't you love swimming?
I love it because it helps you swim so you don't die because I've heard that a lot of children have died in deep pools.

Roots Of Empathy

 Yay we are having Ally Fulcher come to Glenbrae school in NZ Auckland
to help us learn about Roots of Empathy.
Ally Fulcher pulled out some photos of little  baby faces  then Ally Fulcher  
gave out a bigger version to the people in groups that  had the same little version of each baby  picture



1.My favourite game is super tux but our teacher doesn'tt let us because she knows it is a learning tool.

2.My favourite food is ice cream and ham burgers and I love Mcdonalds and that is my favourite food.

3.My favourite people are my mother and father and my brothers too and the rest of my family from the east side an west side

4.My favourite country is NZ and Austtralia and Canada  and Hong Kong.

5.My favourite art teacher is Mrs Jay Boyer because she teaches us how to be an art lover and we just love her so much and the whole school loves her too.