Friday, 29 November 2013

Puia Hangi

Term 4 - Week 7
Blue  Group
Resource: Puia Hangi by Henarata Ham SJ 2001 P3 N3
WALT - gather information from the text
Level 1
Who is Henarata Ham?
Henarata Ham  is the writer
Where is the school located?
In Tokaan and the schools name is hirangio
What geothermal activity happens in the area?
There are hot water pools and bubbling mud v pools
What is the name of the school?
At the southern end of the lake Taupo
How many vegetables did they have to have in their food?
At least three
Whose dad shot the pig?
What is puia?
Puia is  a different  type of hangi because a normally hangi has alot of veggies and a puia hangi  has at least three veggies
What did they do to pass time when the hangi was being cooked?
They went for a swim
Who else uses the puia at Tokaanu to cook their food?
The Adults
How many steam puddings can you cook at once?
You can cook  At big tins of pudding at once
What is the modern puia?
Its a hangi
Who took the photographs for the story?
Diana Nooana was the photographer
How long does it take to cook the kai?
It takes one and a half to three hours for the kai to cook
Level 2
Is Hirangi school far from Tokaanu? Explain your answer.
No its just  one kilometer  from hirangi school
How old are the students in Room 8? Explain your answer
I think that they would be say 10 or 11 telling from the picture that was taken
What did the students put in their hangi? Explain your answer.
Potato , kumara , pumpkin , meat  they were only allowed to put a little amount of
What are the parcels in the story? Explain your answer
Well I think that the parcels in the  story , are parts of the text by really important text
How did they prepare the food for the hangi? Explain your answer.
They prepared it inside on the table
How did they cook the hangi? Explain your answer.
they cooked it inside the steam box
Why do you have to be careful when you open the steam box?
because it's too hot and alot of steam will come out of the steam box and the steam would be really hot
Why don’t they have to worry about the kai burning?
they don’t because is stops when its ready
Why are they using Te Reo Maori terms in the text?
because this is a traditional way for maori to cook a hangi
Why is the puia cooler when it has been raining? Explain your answer.
because the rain is cold and the steam box is hot and when it rains it makes the steam box colder
Level 3
Is hangi cooking a good way to cook food? Explain your answer
Yes Because you can feed a whole fest
What other types of ways are there to cook food? Explain your answer
In the ground , on a stow , in a oven , on a fire
Why do you think its important to cook healthy food? Explain your answer
So that you don’t get sick or fat
What happens when we do not eat healthy food? Explain your answer
We get sick and might get diabetes
In your culture is there a special way of cooking food for celebrations? Explain your answer
We cook our food inside the ground with hot rocks on top of the hangi .
If your class was to have a hangi, write down the healthy food you will put in your food parcel.
Veggies carrots , potato ,
Write a step by step guide (Procedural writing) on how to prepare and cook a hangi. Share this on your blog.