Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My Question About Child Abuse

There are alot of question we have to ask about child abuse like why to parents abuse their childern most of our questions are still felt unanswered  , It's hard to imagine someone intentionally hurting a child yet nearly a million children are abused every year.

And these are only the reported incidents of child abuse many more cases are unreported , often because children are afraid to tell somebody who can help and who they can trust.Most of the time, kids know their abusers and the abuse would be in the home. This makes it difficult for kids to speak up.

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Mrs Tofa said...

This is such an issue in New Zealand. I really enjoy participating in your group discussions about the issue of Child Abuse in New Zealand. You are right. The statistics we know are only the reported cases. There are others which are not reported and therefore under the radar.

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